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Family Favorites – Camel Up

Each week, an EGE family member will take over this page and talk about their current favorite game.


Hi, all! Emily, here.

Have you played Camel Cup? You should. It’s actually called Camel Up but the box art makes it look like Camel Cup.

It was added to our personal collection as a present from Matt because Camels are my favorite animal – long story best told over a beer – and it ended up being an AWESOME game. It’s a pretty elementary introduction to betting and gambling, so if you’re looking to start them young… just kidding.

The premise, you’re a spectator at a camel race and you’ll place bets on who you think will win. It’s a really ‘cute’ game but although strategy exists, it’s never a sure thing and everyone in our family has won multiple times.

Invest in the expansions, it makes the games a little longer (my only complaint about the base game is it lasts 20-30 min max) and even better.

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