Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Complete Lothal Wave Bundle



  • Tyrants of Lothal Expansion
  • Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus Ally Pack
  • Sabine Wren and Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack
  • Thrawn Villain Pack
  • Hondo Ohnaka Villain Pack

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Everything you need to bring your collection up to date from the August 2018 Imperial Assault release wave!



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Weight 64 oz

Akira Takeda, Alton Black, Anarchy's Son, Big Shot, The, Boy Howdy, Blanco Diablo, El, Cyclone, D2, Dayna Might, Devil's Advocate, The, Devil's Reject G.P.S., Dough Nation, EDM, Freak Show, Gato Sombrio, El, Gia De Los Muertos, Gold Standard, The, Great Oniman, The, Hamish MacDeath, High Roller, High Water, Hollywood, Huntress Angel Lynn, The, Immortal Warrior, The, Italian Bombada, King Carcosa, Lady BaaBaa, L.E.D., Lemmy Adam, Lexi the Punk Rock Pixie, Lorenzo Manicotti, Lunatic Ginge, Man from I.T., The, Mark the Shark, Masked Llama, The, Merlin Von Berlin, Meta, Mistress of Mayhem, Monster Asylum, Mortician, The, Mr. Poppintwist, Ms. Terious, Night Terror, Overdog, Phantasm, The, Pixel, Rahz El Dazzel, Random Guy, Rising Sun, The, Rob Graves, Sam Lemule, Scorpio, El, Scott Prime, Snake Pitt, Super Hombre, El, Tiki Twins, Titan, Vanilla Gorilla, Vick the Brick, Wooly Bully, Wreck, The, Xecutioner, The


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